Top 30 Plus Online Directory Listings

The Top 30 Plus subscription is a great value.

This subscription is on conjunction with our partner, SignPost. With Signpost, you will be listed in over 30 top online business directories using application programming interfaces that allow near-instantaneous and uniform communication with all listings in case modifications or updates are needed. Neither Signpost, nor I, cannot guarantee the content or design that any listing sites will use on their sites, but information is genereally updated very rapidly so they remain a reliable directory.

Signpost Offers: More than just listings!

Working with you, we create a custom Signpost Offer designed to attract new customers. This is attached to your online listings. Your Signpost Offer is entirely up to you. It can be anything from "Try some great pizza" to "Save 20% on service". There's no requirement for a discount and there is no revenue share. Potential customers just enter an Email address if they are interested in your Signpost Offer. They can then contact you by phone or bring the voucher to your location.

Signpost offers automated customer tracking so you can run your business.

Signpost Automation: Customer Profiles are Created and Tracked.

Signpost leverages technology to automatically associate the Email address, phone number, and name of each customer every time they contact you or complete a transaction. Through a strategic partner, Payment Revolution, Signpost is able to match any EMV "chip card" swipes to the customer's Email and phone number. Transactions are linked to the customer's profile automatically. Does this require an EMV compliant terminal? Yep, and there's more good news.

Signpost Processing: 2015 Compliance and 5% Savings.

Effective October 2015 major credit issuers are implementing liability shifts if POS terminals are not EMV compliant. A Visa press release announced, "The party that is the cause of a chip-on-chip transaction not occurring will be financially liable for any resulting card-present counterfeit fraud losses.

Since you're going to need one anyway, a 2015 compliant EMV terminal is included when you subscribe to Signpost, but the deal gets even better! Based on your current invoice, you Payment Revolution will guarantee a 5% savings on current processing fees and they'll buy out any current contracts you have.

Signpost offers personalized remarketing to customers while automating the process.

Signpost Remarketing: Personalized.

Using their profiles and transaction history, customers are automatically categorized as potential, current, or past. Working with your account representative, personalized messages and attachments can be distributed to each catgeory. For example, a thank you and special offers can be extended to your current customers. An invitation or request for feedback can be requested from past customers to identify opportunities for improvement within your organization.

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to see how your business is listed in the top 55 online directories by clicking below. This is a free, no-obligation, self-assessment tool that we provide to our customers. After the scan, you will have the option to Email us the results by clicking the icon in the upper left corner. If you would like us to review your results, Email it and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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Affordable Online Directory Listings

All of our directory listing subscriptions are just $249 for set-up and the first month. However, Signpost has extended a special deal for our customers. The set-up fee is now only $99 with a one year subscription at $199 per month. Yes, this includes the 2015 compliant EMV credit terminal, which has a retail value of $300, along with over 30 top directory listings. We double checked it.

Signpost Top 30 Plus