Social Media Integration

This is another essential ingredient to ensure that your website becomes highly visible. It's not difficult to do and makes your online presence a lot more realistic.

With an internet full of listings that may be outdated, incomplete, or just plain lies, communicating with the public on a regular basis gives everyone a virtual peek inside your business. This is also a component of the algorithms used for search engine optimization. An article by Trond Lyngbo on asserts that without social media integration, "You're dead."

In addition to being an important link to your website, customers can reach you directly through social media referrals via online reviews. The return here is exponential. Most recommendations and reviews come from your social media, which is why we highly encourage the integration of social media into your website. Worried about negative reviews? Check out this video:

At minimum, we recommend that you create and use the following social media connections regularly:

  • Facebook Pages

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    As an extension of your personal profile, you can create a dedicated Facebook page for your business or organization. This is a great opportunity to connect with networks of friends, family, and the other potential customers who can quickly recommend and follow you. It's pretty easy to get started, but also important that you link the page to your website.

  • Twitter account

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    Start tweeting. Imagine if you walked outside your business and announced, "I'm giving you $5 off your bill today because you're a loyal customer." It would be worth it because you didn't have to pay for the marketing. They're already your customer and will follow you. Twitter allows you to make announcements to all your loyal customers so they don't have to hang around your parking lot or wait for your costly direct mail offers.

  • Google Plus

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    Google is the king when it comes to search engines, so it's important to establish a presence on this network. Google Plus ties everything together, allowing you to post pictures and text updates, advertise, and track marketing effectiveness from one convenient dashboard.

Most of these social media sites are pretty simple to set up, but it can be overwhelming for those who are less than tech savvy. We also offer a directory listing subscriptions which include social media business listings. If you need help creating and linking all these accounts, just let us know.

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