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On the world wide web, your website is a needle in a haystack. Major search engines are not likely to find it. Neither will potential customers. Online directories are the equivalent of digital phone books. Directories increase exposure to potential customers and assist in the SEO process to improve your internet presence. Bill Connard's article on local listings and SEO summed it up nicely by saying that they're "separate, but complete intertwined."

Local Listings and SEO

To ensure a positive SEO effect, we must ensure that all your listings match precisely. When looking for reliable information, automated systems may view a typo or variance as an erroneous listing. This can hurt the optimization. Another consideration is the various paid advertising options that each directory offers. Some are worth it, others are not.

We've made the process easy by offering local directory listing subscriptions based on list of top 50 online business directories according to Yext and top 7 online business directories according to B2C. To meet the upcoming need to be EMV compliant in 2015, we now also offer a Top 30 PLUS directory listing that includes automated marketing and an EMV compliant credit terminal!

Your small business should be listed in as many online directories as possible, but the following are quick and affordable options for you to get started this month for under $250.

Your southwest Florida business can be listed in the top 7 online directories for just $249.

Being listed in the top 7 online business directories is essential to establishing an internet presence.

The Top 30 PLUS offers much more that listings

The Top 30 PLUS includes listings in the 30 top directories, automated customer remarketing, and a complimentary 2015 compliant EMV card terminal.

Your southwest Florida business can be listed in the top 50 online directories from just $249.

Being listed in over 50 top online directories will help your business to establish a strong internet presence. Backlinks assist with SEO and analytics allow us to evaluate your customer base.

Based on your needs and budget, we can develop a customized internet marketing plan that will work best for you. As a starting point, review you current online listings by clicking below. This is a free, no obligation service that we offer to clients as a self-assessment tool. After your scan is complete, you can click the Email icon to send us your results to review.

If you have questions or are ready to discuss creating an affordable internet marketing plan for your southwest Florida business, call or Email us: