Website Design and Development including JavaScript

Our website development includes necessary JavaScript, combined with HTML5 and CSS3, to produce an optimal user interaction. JavaScript is a dynamic and functional scripting language that allows your webpage to receive real-time updates from the designated source, whether a database or social media account.

JavaScript for Social Media Integration

Since JavaScript allows for instant updates, it works well for integrating social media into your website. Scripts allow the user to view live streams and connect with your social media without leaving your website.

Social Media & SEO

Search engine optimization is a comprehensive process used to escalate your website to a prime position on the search engines' (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) results pages. These organic search results, are "naturally occuring" based on content relevance and require no payment. Essentially, this is free online advertising. Accordingly, SEO should be an objective in every action taken with your digital media and marketing.

While many factors contribute to SEO, social media integration- made possible with JavaScript- is beneficial to achieve a better placement on search engine results pages. Here are some recent articles that highlight SEO benefits of social media integration:

Chapter 6: Social Media & Ranking in Search Results
Search Engine Land, 2014

How to Integrate Social Media With Your SEO Campaign
Jayson DeMers, August 2013

You're Dead...If You Don't Integrate Social Media & PR Into Your Local SEO Strategy
Trond Lyngbo, July 2013

Affordable Responsive Website Design & Development

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