HTML5 Website Design and Development

Our website development uses HTML5, combined with CSS3 and applicable JavaScript, to produce an optimal user interaction. HTML5 is the latest revision of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), which the World Wide Web Consortium has recommended for use since December 2012. Compared to previous versions, HTML5 offers an improved, more consistent viewing experience with less syntax errors- despite the presence of various devices and browsers that may interpret previous versions incorrectly.

Why is HTML5 important?

If your website was developed before 2012, it may be in an outdated language and in need of revision. HTML5 is interpreted by all modern browsers and devices without distortion or other errors. This prevents potential customers from becoming frustrated with an incompatible site and moving on to one that has a current language. HTML5 coding also allows for the creation of content that assists with search engine optimization (SEO). Our HTML5 website design and development is affordable.

Affordable Responsive Website Design & Development

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