CSS3 Website Design and Development

Our website development uses CSS3, combined with HTML5 and applicable JavaScript, to produce an optimal user interaction. CSS3 is considered to be the revision of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that best balances stability and compatibility. Cascading Style Sheets allows us to apply a look and format to your website that is user-friendly and responsive to various devices and browsers. CSS3 also offers backward compatibility, which allows previous versions to remain functional.

Why is CSS3 important?

If your website was developed before 2012, it may not have a cascading style sheet that allows the optimal viewing experience and interactivity. CSS3 is interpreted by all modern browsers and devices without distortion or other errors. This prevents potential customers from becoming frustrated with an incompatible site and moving on to one that has a current language. CSS3 coding also allows for responsive web design that assists with search engine optimization (SEO).

Responsive Web Design & SEO

Search engine optimization is a comprehensive process used to escalate your website to a prime position on the search engines' (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) results pages. These organic search results, are "naturally occuring" based on content relevance and require no payment. Essentially, this is free online advertising. Accordingly, SEO should be an objective in every action taken with your digital media and marketing. While many factors contribute to SEO, responsive web design- made possible with CSS3- is essential to achieve good placement in search results. Here are some recent articles that highlight SEO benefits of responsive web design:

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Jason Bowden, August 2014

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Hayley Francis, March 2014

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Affordable Responsive Website Design & Development

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